• The Loire Valley enjoys a temperate climate.


  • In mid to late-June, you'll find that daylight lasts until almost 11 pm!


  • Summers are long and warm. Some days in July and August are likely to be around 27°C  (81°F).


  • Typically you can expect daytime temperatures to hit between 12°C  (54°F) to 23°C  ( 74°F) degrees in May, June, and September.


  • Early October and November often stays in that range, but can dip below 12°C  (54°F) degrees. April is a transition month.


  • December through March are cold with temperatures getting up to 10°C (50°F) but can drop below freezing, which is why we are closed.


  • Of course, we can't promise anything about the weather, but you can have a great time even if conditions turn out to be a little warmer, colder, or wetter than usual, as long as you bring suitable clothing.

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