Enjoy scenic routes, charming villages, good weather, and authentic regional cuisine!

France's Kings and nobles came to hunt here, and then made the valley their pleasure-garden. There are many enchanting chateaux dotted around the countryside.  Many have been restored to their former regal glory. Famous castles in the area include chateau d'Amboise, Chenonceau, Villandry, and Azay-le-Rideau.  Chambord and Blois are slightly further afield, but well worth the journey.


From our Loire Valley bed and breakfast, you can also discover unique cave-houses, forests, sleepy villages, and historic towns full of charm and surprises, like Tours and Loches.​ There are lots of other activities too, from fishing, water sports, swimming, golfing, riding and cycling, through to antique hunting, exploring local markets, and lots of arts & crafts to admire.


You will need a car, not only for ease, but to explore the area to its full potential.

Nearby medieval town of Loches


Antoine de GUENAND, Lord of La Celle-Guenand was appointed Captain-Governor of Loches in 1441.


The Château of Loches was constructed in the 9th century, 500 meters above the Indre River, and dominates the town of Loches.  The château was designed and occupied by Henry II of England and his son, Richard the Lionheart during the 12th century.  The castle withstood the assaults by the French king Philip II in their wars for control of France.  It was eventually upgraded into a huge military fortress.  Later kings enlarged the building in the Renaissance style converting it from a fort to a hunting lodge.


It was in Loches on 11 May 1429 that Joan of Arc arrived, fresh from her historic victory at Orleans, to meet the king.  Here she finally convinced him to proceed to Reims and take the crown, establishing France as a sovereign state and legitimate entity.  Loches was the most important town in the southern Touraine, so in medieval times the court visited frequently.  The castle would become a favourite retreat of Charles VII of France who gave it to his mistress, Agnès Sorel, as her residence.


Loches was later converted for use as a state prison by his son, King Louis XI who had lived there as a child but preferred the royal castle at Amboise.   Pierre de GUENAND (Antoine's son) became Governor of Amboise under Louis XI, and later Grand Chamberlain during the reign of Charles VIII.


British actor Sir Derek Jacobi CBE discovered via the BBC programme Who Do You Think You Are? that his 6th x Great-grandfather was imprissoned in the dugeon at Loches, but later escaped to England to start the Jacobi family line.


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