Sustainable hospitality...

Our efforts:
  • ​Cutting down on food waste. We grow some food onsite, we source other food locally, and we compost Kitchen and “plate waste” appropriately. 


  • Being aware of water usage. We encourage guests to be mindful of their water usage. Minimizing water usage beyond the bedroom is another aim.

  • Eliminating plastic. We are doing away with single-use plastic products where we can. We’ve started by not using plastic bags and we will be doing more. 

  • Conserving energy. Rather than providing a mini-fridge and coffee machine in each room, we are very happy to refrigerate your items for you and provide freshly made coffee or tea on request. 

  • Creating a paperless business while reducing carbon emissions. We conduct business electronically, although France is generally still wedded to paperwork. We are happy to provide you with your invoice by email to help streamline your experience.

  • Integrating sustainability into maintenance and restoration works. We are very fortunate to live in a building built by hand in about 1422 - materials sourced on the grounds or nearby. When we need maintenance or restoration work, we source local artisans who intern use traditional materials and methods. 

    • We take inspiration from the “three-zero-concept” approach which supports using local construction materials and skills (zero kilometres), prioritizing energy management and lower emissions (zero carbon dioxide), and introducing life-cycle management into the building process (zero waste).

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La Celle-Guenand