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The Michelin-starred chefs of La Promenade

Updated: Jan 12, 2020

Not just one Chef, but one might be tempted to say Chefs! As the restaurant "La Promenade" has a long family history… that of the Dallais family.

Initially, in the 60s, there was Lucienne (the grandmother), then came Jacky in 1984 (after classes conducted with Joël Robuchon), and since 2010 his son Fabrice is at the helm. Three generations who were able to cultivate and magnify the same passion for using good quality produce from the southern Touraine, working with simplicity and precision.

We're huge fans and dine here regularly. Ingredients are obviously fresh and seasonal. They mostly come from local producers, like the Géline of Touraine (the little black chicken), foie gras, wild boar, and speciality goat’s cheese. Menus from approximately 43 € (2 courses), € 55 (3 courses) and 90 € (6 courses).

Restaurant "La Promenade" is located in the picturesque village of Le Petit-Pressigny, just 3 km from La Celle-Guenand! Two dining rooms await you, one with a traditional ambience, the other has a more contemporary feel.

There is ample parking towards the rear of the restaurant.

11 rue du Savoureux, 37350 LE PETIT-PRESSIGNY

Tel : 02 47 94 93 52

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